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The End of the Beginning

By: Alex Andrews

The discovery of Craft Beer is a lightbulb moment for many - when you realise that you’ve been settling your entire adult life. What happens after that? Some of us are content to have a few cans now and again, some of us need the sweet nectar on subscription, and a few of us are stupid clever enough to turn our collective passion into a business!

Craftline is the exact definition of a passion project. Forged together in January 2021 after (probably) a drunken conversation between Sam and his Brother-In-Law Chris. Lord knows what was said that day, but it didn’t take long for Sam to ask for some web design help, to which I politely declined his proposal and countered with a ‘let me come on board’. A decision I took far too lightly! Nearly 9 months later and feeling 10 years older, we are (almost) ready to launch.

If we could start again tomorrow, I would have done everything the same but just in the exact opposite order. I’d tell myself - start with your licences, find a logistics company, find and built-out a storage facility, then make a brand and website.

None of us predicted this would take 9 months. We were confident in March that we would be ready by May, then we said June then July then ‘when will something go right’! Thankfully it appears to finally be going right. This week could be the biggest in our short history - signed up with a logistics company, ordered our essential packaging order, brewing our collab Beer and placing our first stock order.

The next step is where things get exciting and a bit scary. Time to put our money where our mouths are and sell some damn beer!

You can follow along our journey on Instagram @craftlinebeers or listen to the Over Two Cans podcast where Sam and I put the world to rights over a couple of cans.

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