Mystery Box
Mystery Box

Mystery Box

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A great Craft Beer gift idea!

Give the gift of a Craft Beer Mystery Box or buy one for yourself! Each of our Mystery Boxes are guaranteed to be worth more than the price you pay. We typically build your box to be at least 5% less than if you made a custom order.

Choose from 6 box styles and 2 box sizes (12 cans or 20 cans).

All our mystery boxes include free UK shipping.

Complete Mystery 

A varied selection of beers from across our range.

12 Can Box - £55.00
20 Can Box - £90.00

Premium Mystery 

Only our best beers from our most highly rated Breweries. Not available as a 20 box.

12 Can Box - £75.00

End of the Road Mystery 

Grab a bargain! Beers that are near or past their best before date. No compromise on taste, some beers are even better after their best before.

12 Can Box - £50.00
20 Can Box - £80.00 (you may receive some duplicates)

Slight Mystery 

A selection of Pale Ales, IPAs, Sours and maybe a Double IPA or two.

12 Can Box - £55.00
20 Can Box - £90.00

Dank & Dark Mystery 

A selection of Stouts and Heavy Hitters - Double IPAs, Triple IPAs, 7%+ and a few surprises.

12 Can Box - £65.00
20 Can Box - £100.00

Vegan Mystery 

Around 50% of our beers are Vegan. Get a great selection of Alex's (our in-house Vegan) favourites (a.k.a. Alex's All-sorts).

12 Can Box - £55.00
20 Can Box - £90.00