Shipping & Returns

What are your Shipping rates?

We offer free UK shipping on all orders over £59.99, £3.99 shipping for orders over £50.00, £7.99 on orders over £25.00 and £9.99 for orders under £25.00. We do not currently ship outside of the UK. We encourage all customers to fill a box of 12 or 20, see ‘What size boxes do you use?’ below for more info.

  • Orders over £59.99 = Free UK Shipping
  • Orders over £49.99 = £3.99 UK Shipping
  • Orders over £24.99 = £7.99 UK Shipping
  • Orders under £24.99 = £9.99 UK Shipping

What are your Shipping times?

We use DHL’s next day service and endeavour to get all orders placed before 1pm out the same day - although we cannot guarantee this. We do guarantee that your order will be sent out on the next working day. Please note that we do not send orders over the weekend, although you may receive an order placed on a Thursday/Friday over the weekend.

What size boxes do you use?

Our boxes hold either 12 or 20 cans.

We strongly urge our customers to fill a box as this is the most environmentally friendly way of shipping. We also ask our customers not to place orders of less than 10 cans or 13,14,15 or 16 cans as we find this very wasteful of our packaging, although any sized order will be accepted.

We endeavour to make additional box sizes available in the future.

What is your Returns Policy

Please click here to review our refund policy.

I have received a Dented or Damaged Can!

We love a pristine can and get terribly upset when we find a dented or damaged can. Unfortunately we sometimes find that breweries and wholesalers do not sufficiently protect their cans during transit to us. We have spoken to some our suppliers about this and are continuously encouraging wholesalers and breweries to improve their packaging.

We believe our packaging is of a good quality, but if you have any concerns or suggestions, please contact us.

If you have a can that has split, please get in touch with us.

Loyalty & Discounts

Is Craftline on Untappd?

We are on Untappd. You can view our profile here. We would really appreciate you tagging us in your beer reviews when you log one of our cans on Untappd, it really helps us out as a small independent business.

Do you have a Discount Code I can use?

The best way to find a discount code is to sign up to our newsletter or sign up for a Craftline account.

What are Can Credits?

Can Credits can be used against your next order to receive money off. When you sign up for a Craftline account, you get 100 Can Credits for free. Every time you place an order, you get 3 Can Credits for every £ you spend (exc. shipping).

I’m having a party and want to buy loads of Craft Beer!

We can discuss your requirements and possibly offer you a nice juicy discount for orders of over 100 cans. Please get in touch.

Do Craftline offer a Pop-Up service?

If you want to sell Craft Beer at your event, we can most certainly help. We just need enough time to apply for a temporary alcohol licence. Please make sure you give us a couple of months notice. We can cater for most events in and around the South East of England. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Vegan Products

We are big on Vegan! One of our founders - Alex is vegan. You can check out his favourite beers that are all Vegan.

You may find that some of our products are marked as not being vegan when they actually are. Our research policy is that if we aren’t completely sure if a product is vegan, then we mark it as not vegan. If you think we have made a mistake with a product, please get in touch.

We recommend the website - Barnivore if you wish to do your own research on a product. Barnivore is a great resource to find vegan beers.

Gluten Free

We apply a similar policy to our Gluten Free labelling as we do with our Vegan products - if we aren’t completely sure, then we mark it as not gluten free. If you think we have made an error, please get in touch.


A Beer I want is Out of Stock!

Here today, gone tomorrow. In a never ending battle to try all the craft beer in the world, our stock is rotated very regularly. Breweries often only make a small batch of each beer and so when it is gone from our site, it often doesn’t come back. We do have some core ranges on our site which we do restock often.

You don’t stock my favourite brewery!

If you want to request a certain brewery or beer, please send us a message.

What size cans do you sell?

Most of our cans are 440ml but we also sell the smaller 330ml and the larger 500ml. On the odd occasion we will also have pint sized cans.

Why don’t you sell bottles?

Believe it or not, it is very difficult to negotiate a good shipping contract with a logistics company when you are dealing with liquid. To get our foot in the door, we had to agree not to sell liquid in glass. This will change in the future, but for now, we only sell cans.

Also we secretly prefer cans to glass!

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes, we sell vouchers in £1£25, £50, £75, £100 and £250 denominations. We also sell mystery boxes, that work fantastic as a gift!

Our gift vouchers are also good for 1000 years.

If you are really stuck for what to buy someone as a gift, get in contact and we will guide you through some ideas.

Something else?

Have a question that we haven't covered here? Send us a message.