Putty by Verdant


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Double IPA // 8.00% // 440ml

ONE CAN PER CUSTOMER - Multiple cans of Putty will be refunded.

About Verdant - Putty

The 2022 version of Verdant’s Putty is now available and of course, still unchanged from the original 2017 brew!

Glowing like a satsuma in a pint of double cream and hopped to hell and back with Galaxy, Mosaic and Azacca. Dank and sweaty, but oh so fruity with it too!  Deep mangoes, apricots and freshly cut grass pervade your senses.

As always Verdant have layered up the malts with an emphasis on Golden Promise and wheat malts for a bread crust base, sacks and sacks of flaked wheat and oats bump up the creamy density further.

Originally, Putty was an excuse to try out Galaxy hops and a few other ideas and concepts... Little did Verdant know Putty would become an instant classic within the UK beer scene and further afield. Verdant are proud of Putty and they think the 2022 version does Putty proud also!

Location: Cornwall, England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Vegan: Yes 🌱 | View all Vegan Products
Gluten Free: No

Character: Dank, Grassy
Taste Profile: Mango, Apricot

Ingredients Info:
Malts: Golden Promise
Hops: Azacca, Galaxy, Mosaic

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